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Rose Cottage, Dufftown, Banffshire

My name is John Lindsay Thompson. My father was Donald Mackenzie Thompson, brother of Lindsay Thompson. I was told when young that our family historical home was Rose Cottage, Dufftown, Banffshire. I have letters dating to the early 1900s from relatives postmarked from that location. Can anyone fill me in on my family history there? Thank you very much.

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  • mintgreenmintgreen Member
    Accepted Answer
    Hello John!
       I just sent you an email with some information you should find interesting!


  • Andrzej1990Andrzej1990 Member ✭✭
    edited October 2020


    Unfortunately I wan not able to find anything substantial based on name alone.

    However, I can strongly suggest ScotlandsPeople website for genealogy based research.

    Hope that helps.

  • Bonnielass66Bonnielass66 Member
    We will be related through a connection of Peter Thomson (Thompson) born 1830 to Peter Thomson and Elspet Mckenzie.

    Peter Thomson (2) sister Janet married my Great Great Great Granda Robert Niven who they had a son also called Robert my GG Grandfather who had four children and his daughter Janet married George Milne and they had six children and the eldest daughter married my Grandfather Alexander also a Thomson.
    Strange how it has come back down the line with a Thomson.

    Also I have attached a couple of info for you which I found on Libindx a Moray site. I hope this is helpful
  • Bonnielass66Bonnielass66 Member
    If you need any more info on finding anything I will help especially the family
  • jthomp14azjthomp14az Member
    So sorry to take so long to get back to you. I have here a newspaper clipping dated March 23, 1963, of Margaret Thomson of Rose Cottage's 100th birthday in The Dufftown News. It was sent by A.M. Stewart of 46 High Street. I have letters dating back to the 1920s to my father and his brothers (John, Lindsay, and George). I understand it was my grandfather who came over initially. I was told he grew homesick for Scotland and went back over, but I never had my father's family history communicated to me. It is interesting that we spell our mane now Thompson with the 'P'.
  • mintgreenmintgreen Member
       Maggie (Margaret) Thompson was my grandfather's aunt. Maggie's father (my great-great grandfather) Peter Thompson built Rose Cottage in Dufftown. Peter was married to Jane Symon and they had seven children but just four survived. Maggie's three brothers emigrated to Canada and later the US, but it appears John returned to Scotland. I was told and have found historical reference to Maggie being an invalid, but it is unclear what her medical issues were. She outlived all her brothers by many years and lived in Rose Cottage with a caregiver named Daisy until her death at I believe, 103. I would love to see the newspaper clipping regarding Maggie's 100th birthday and letters from Rose Cottage! I have loads of information but have  not had time to construct a proper family tree and a chronology of events. Of interesting note is that I found Rose Cottage recently for sale and I was able to make contact with the owner and see some lovely photos of the house. Sadly he renamed it Dullanbank House. There are historical photos of the house online. I am not able to post a link on this site, but there is a link to the listing for the house when it was sold in 2019 that I am happy to share. The owner was lovely and said he had loads of historical documents relating to the house. Unfortunately, he was unable to copy them and send them to me as he was busy relocating. I'm thinking of reaching out to the new owners. 
       Lastly, I have read within many sources than Thompson and Thomson were often used interchangeably in written records/accounts, so when doing genealogical  research, it's best to use both spellings. This makes things cumbersome but it has let me to information I may not have found otherwise. 
       Would love to hear from anyone looking to get/share information!
  • jthomp14azjthomp14az Member
    John Thompson here in Prescott, Arizona USA. I believe my grandfather was one of the three brothers. If what I was told is true, then my grandfather was John as I was told my grandfather became homesick for Scotland and returned. I could assume I was named after him. Unless I am mistaken, then Peter would be my Great Great Grandfather also. My email address is [email protected]
  • mintgreenmintgreen Member
    Hello John,
       I sent an email to the email address in your last post with lots of information!
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