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Celiac Disease

Since my last trip to Scotland in 1996,  I have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and am resigned to a very strict gluten free diet.

The States are not up to date on much of anything and GF has become a fad for the unenlightened. Are the local pubs safe eateries for a Celiac? I enjoyed the pubs in 1996, once I won my argument with my travel companions that pubs are not like U.S. bars or taverns.  f

thank you for any and all helpful info. 

Mary Ann (Marnie) Warfield

Best Answers

  • Marnie51Marnie51 Member
    Accepted Answer
    Thank you fishypro. 
    I have traveled to Germany, Italy, Switzerland and France, several times since diagnosis, and always enjoyed far better GF fare than anywhere in the States.  Still have issues here because of "crazy know it alls" that demand to eat GF, then order a regular beer or a huge dessert. And even now our wonderful Admin. is turning back the labeling laws that so many of us fought hard to get. So please, forgive my rather naive question but I need to be as safe as possible. As a last laugh...the McDonald's here says they have GF then give you a list....Ketchup, Mustard, Salt, Pepper,  Coke products  etc.  It is laughable---have not been to one since 1998.
  • Marnie51Marnie51 Member
    edited May 2019 Accepted Answer
    Thank you Amanda, We (2) are making a circular route starting in Glasgow June 11 and ending in Glasgow June 25. I am skipping Edinburgh this trip having spent many day there in 1996. I am also not a typical tourist and hate group tours. So still planning, but it looks like our overnights will be Glasgow, Oban  (Isles of Mull and Skye) Up to Inverness for several days, Perth, Falkirk ( I am mesmerized by the Falkirk Wheel)  and Stirling and back to Glasgow for flight home, (all points in between will also be excitedly examined).

    I am booking accommodations for arrival and for final night....all else I will be going to the Icentres for booking a room as I did in 1996, (wish the states had those). We plan on getting the 15 day Scotrail pass but I am still reading up and plotting the 8 travel days. I know that some days will be ferry and bus as well.  I have wanted to return since I first visited in 1996 and I am so excited. As an introvert, who loves to travel, I do prefer quiet venues, so probably will not be doing any distilleries but who knows, I may get brave.


  • Marnie51Marnie51 Member
    edited May 2019

    Thank you for the heads up on Oban, Inverness and Skye. If we stayed in Oban for 2- 3 nights can we cover Mull and Skye from Oban?  

    Are we being too ambitious?  In 1996, my girlfriends and I relied solely on
    i-centres.  I dropped Edinburgh to include more of the middle highland area.  I'd love to get further north but that will have to be another trip. 

    I am a cultural historian and have written the historic significance of properties for the National Register of Historic Places here in the US for nearly 20 years.   I have researched and written on industrial buildings, bridges, water towers, early military facilities, including an old Pratt and Whitney WWII aircraft engine plant. This is why I am starting in Glasgow for the architecture, and wanting to visit Falkirk for the Wheel. I also love the canal system and hope to see more of them. 

    I really appreciate the marvelous help on your site. 
    Thank you all
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