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Anyone know what 'limeroom' is?

I am now reading a 2008 novel by John Burnside, the award-winning Scottish poet/novelist. The narrator 'I' killed a boy, who had pestered and bullied 'me', by luring the boy to his death in the 'limeroom' that once was 'my' secret hiding place and sanctuary.
Is the 'limeroom' a kind of stockyard where powdered lime and/or fertilizer are in stock ? It doesn't seem to be a small house built of lime stone.
I would really appreciate your help.


  • David_WheaterDavid_Wheater Member
    Hi Nonatama,

    I'm not familiar with the book, but I would hazard a guess that, as mixing lime could be hazardous, there must have been a dedicated room to safely store and mix it for mortar etc. Scotland also has many old Limekilns dotted around the country. This is just a pure guess though, as there's very little online to be found about such a room.

    It might be worth sending an email to the Scottish Lime Centre Trust ( who might be able to shed some light on it.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful. 

    Best wishes,

    David Wheater
    Tours of Edinburgh
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