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Iphone use in Scotland

I have an Iphone with AT&T cellular service.  I don't really want to purchase one of the expensive AT&T international plans.  I've read about changing out sim cards but haven't read about anyone with an iphone and AT&T.  We will be spending 3 weeks in GB-visitng London, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  I'd like to have some texting use, internet use for GPS and general information, and to make a few calls back to the US.  Any suggestions?



  • MoFMoF Member ✭✭
    I have ATT, is your iphone unlocked?  Then you can use a sim card from a UK provider as they use GSM.

    Roaming plan for ATT is 10$ A Day for service. 

    For three weeks, I'd recommend a prepaid sim to slide into your iPhone, which would cover most of that, for like a 30pound spot (I use Three wireless) on a prepaid for the month VS the 3 weeks at 10 dollars a day.

    So 210$ for 21 days of ATT roaming versus 30GBP into US$ which is 41.99$.

    Just some food for thought, I didn't call back home, I instead used apps, and I think there are VOIP apps for the iphone which you could use for calls if on a free wifi.  Also I message when wifi is available doesn't use data.

    I used my phone in both Scotland and Northern Ireland.

  • TeannetxTeannetx Member ✭✭
    Thanks for the information.  I'm going to look into getting a sim card while there and slip that into my iphone. 
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