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Solo Travelling

Hi! I am new to the board and I am looking forward to reading all the recommendations! I am so excited to be taking a solo trip to Scotland in May. I am a female and this will be my first time to Scotland. I would love recommendations on good places to eat, drink, and hang out.  I'm not the most outgoing person but I do alright.  I am looking for good restaurants and bars where I can sit at the bar since I will be Solo. I am not fond of sitting at a table alone so a good bar is ideal. I am looking forward to exploring your beautiful country! Thank you! 


  • I forgot to include a critical bit of info, I am staying in Edinburgh for 4 nights and Glasgow for 2.
  • VisitScotlandLiamVisitScotlandLiam Member, Administrator, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    Hey @dawn_davis120, I'm a native to Edinburgh and can definitely recommend, for eating, La Favorita on Leith Walk, The Jolly on Elm Row.  Both are wonderful Italian restaurants with really great high quality food.

    For drinking, I can recomment The Three Sisters in the Cowgate, The Globe in the Cowgate, Dropkick Murphy's on Merchant Street and McSorley's on Forrest Road.

    @VisitScotlandAmanda will be able to advise you on more pubs!
  • VisitScotlandAmandaVisitScotlandAmanda Member, Administrator, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    Hi @dawn_davis120!

    I have so many favourite pubs it's ridiculous, so am happy to recommend a few!


    • Speakeasy themed bars: Bryant & Mack Private Detectives, Heads & Tales, Panda & Sons, Hoot the Redeemer
    • Gin bars: The Jolly Botanist, Heads & Tales
    • Just general good bars: Lioness of the Leith, Leith Depot, Bon Vivant, The Hanging Bat, Harmonium, Boda Bar

    • I love Mono, Stereo, The Flying Duck, The 78 and inside the Centre for Contemporary Arts has some cool bars/restaurants as well.
    Have fun and let us know what you go to!
    Kiwi gal, relocated to Scotland. 
  • Hi @VisitScotlandLiam and @VisitScotlandAmanda! Thank you both for the recommendations! I can't wait to try some of them out, May can't get here soon enough
  • VisitScotlandLiamVisitScotlandLiam Member, Administrator, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    @dawn_davis120 We look forward to having you!  Make sure to take plenty of pictures!
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