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Top 5 Creepy Places in Dundee

VisitScotlandLiamVisitScotlandLiam Member, Administrator, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff

Dundee is a city with rich history and heritage, but do you know about its spooky side?  Here are 5 creepy places that you should visit in Dundee – if you dare!


Tay Bridge

Once the site of a horrible rail accident which saw a train derail into the water and everyone inside killed, the Tay Bridge is one of the more haunted places on Tayside.  It is believed that on the 28th of December each year, there is a ghostly looking train that travels over the bridge and disappears when it gets to the spot that the train derailed in 1879.  Screaming can also be heard coming from the bridge on the anniversary of the disaster.

Glamis Castle

Said to be under a curse, Glamis Castle is arguably one of the most haunted places in Britain.  A tongueless woman who roams the castles grounds, a young boy who has been seen sitting on a stone chair outside of the Queen’s room and the ghost of Earl Beadie who haunts the grounds, scaring children.  However, the most spine-chilling apparition seen at the castle is The Grey Lady.  She is the ghost of Lady Janet Douglas who was burned at the stake as a witch in 1537.

HMS Unicorn

It has been the spot of many reports of ghostly footsteps, creepy figures and the unnerving feeling as if you are being watched.  It has undergone many paranormal investigations in its time who have all reported something spooky happening on the ship. 

Claypott Castle

This castle is another that is said to be haunted.  This time by the spirit of Marion Ogilvie.  She was the mistress to Cardinal Beaton who was murdered in 1546, she has been seen waving at visitors from the window, dressed all in white with a white handkerchief. 

Royal Research Ship Discovery

Built in 1901 and sent on her first mission to the Antarctic, the Royal Research Ship Discovery is another Dundee based ship with ghostly stories to tell.  Visitors have seen ghostly shadows lurking within the ship, heard footsteps – which are believed to be those of a young man who fell to his death from the crow’s nest.  It has also been reported that the ghost of a young boy runs around the ship.  Others have seen a sailor’s spirit so vivid that they have stopped to speak to him before he disappears. 

What other creepy or haunted places are there in Dundee?  How many have you been to?

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  • spootsspoots Member ✭✭
    Well, the Oor Wullie statue is fairly creepy (photo not mine):

    Also, don't forget the story of the monster of Glamis:

    The mystery began the night of 21 October 1821 when Lord Glamis and his wife welcomed the birth of a son and heir, Thomas. Tragically, their joy soon turned despair when the child died shortly afterwards. But rumours soon spread that the boy was in fact alive but hideously deformed, and to spare the family from disgrace was being raised in a secret chamber in Glamis. Legend had it that when each subsequent heir to the Earldom came of age, they were brought to this room concealed deep within the fortified walls of the castle. Here the terrible truth was unveiled – a creature of almost superhuman strength, no neck, and a barrel-shaped torso with tiny limbs covered in hair. No member of the family living or dead has ever acknowledged its existence – except perhaps one. In a letter from 1870, the sister-in-law of the twelfth earl repeats a disturbing confession made by him to his wife about what both had light-heartedly referred to as the ‘family mystery’:

    ‘My dearest. I have been into the room; I have heard the secret; and if you wish to please me you will never mention the subject to me again.’

  • spootsspoots Member ✭✭
    edited October 2017
    Vayne Castle

    Kelpies are water horses, or so the legend goes.  If you're looking for evidence of them, look no further than Vayne Castle, the ruins of which lie roughly halfway between Kirriemuir and Brechin.  Near the river bank of Noran Water, there's a hoof-print in the sandstone.  It is said that, at sunrise and sunset, you can hear the kelpie's plaintive cry hanging in the air, drifting through the riverbed.  But the song is not innocuous.  The kelpie sings to attract its prey to the water, where it drowns them without warning.  Do not go any closer.  A boy once drowned here.
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