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How Many of These Creepy Places Have You Been to?

VisitScotlandLiamVisitScotlandLiam Member, Administrator, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
Halloween is coming!  The time for scary stories about witches, vampires and creepy places, something Scotland has in abundance.  How many of these creepy places in Scotland have you been to?

Rosslyn Chapel
Thought to behold The Holy Grail and the mummified head of Christ, Rosslyn Chapel is a spooky place!  Many witnesses have seen a knight in black armour riding around the grounds, or even ghosts of monks in the windows!

Cawdor Castle
Here lies the ghost of the daughter of the Earl of Cawdor.  Her father found out about her secret relationship, he was outraged.  She tried to hide by hanging out the window, but the Earl chopped off her hands and she fell to her death.  To this day there is still sightings of a handless young lady on the grounds.

Stirling Castle

Formerly the home of Mary Queen of Scots, it is said that even today you can see her servant roaming the grounds in a green dress after she died here in a massive fire in the master bedroom, some say that Mary Queen of Scots ghost lives here too.  The Highland Ghost is commonly mistaken for a tour guide given his traditional Scottish dress, but as soon as you get to within touching distance of him, he vanishes.

Dryburgh Abbey
Home to ‘The Grey Lady’ who threw herself into the River Tweed and drowned after her lover – who was a monk – was executed by the other monks for not staying true to his vocation.  The Grey Lady and groups of monks can be seen around the grounds.

Niddry Street Vaults

Serial killers Burke and Hare used these Edinburgh vaults to stash bodies in the 18th century.  Those who are brave enough to go down today have witnessed bulbs smashing for no reason and have seen a ‘shadow man’ in a mirror inside one of the rooms.

Mary King's Close

Annie is the ghost that lives within the close, it is said that she tugs on your hand when down there.  She died of the plague at a very young age, and now it is a tradition that if you enter Annie's room you must bring a toy for her to play with.

Fyvie Castle

A more sinister ghost calls Fyvie Castle home, The Green Lady.  Formerly the wife of Alexander Seton, Dame Lilias Drummond had given Seton 5 daughters but he wanted a male heir.  He started to wander to other women and locked Drummond in the tower where she inevitably starved to death.  When Seton had chosen a new bride, on their wedding night they discovered “D. Lilias Drummond” carved on the wall, it can still be seen today.  It is thought whenever the Green Lady is seen, a tragedy happens in the family.

The Forest of Ruthiemurchus

It is believed that the Chief of Clan Shaw challenges those who wander far into the forest and if you show courage and accept, you’ll live to see another day but if you are cowardly and run, you will never be seen again. 

Culloden Battlefield 
It was here in 1746 that the Scottish Army were slaughtered by Prince William, Duke of Cumberland.  It is said that even today you can hear the clashing of swords and that the dead walk by their graves.

Greyfriars Kirkyard

Home to one of Edinburgh’s most famous stories in Greyfriar’s Bobby, but also home to something a lot darker and a lot more sinister.  Namely, the Mackenzie Poltergeist, who was responsible for many killings back in the 17th century, Mackenzie was awoken in 1998 as a homeless man was looking for shelter, broke into the Black Mausoleum and opened one of the coffins.  Since then there has been 500 recorded incidents of biting, pushing, kicking, burning and nausea sensations in the kirkyard.

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  • VisitScotlandMurielVisitScotlandMuriel Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    It seems every castle has a ghost lurking inside it!!
    Glamis Castle has not just one but as many as 9 ghosts and is said to be one of the most haunted places in the British Isles!!
    The most famous ghosts are The Monster of Glamis, a long-lived and severely deformed child born into the family who was sometimes seen in the battlements or the grounds, Earl Beardie, The Green Lady, The Grey (or White) Lady, The Tongueless Woman who runs across the lawns, The Hanged Butler, The African Servant Boy who mischievously tries to trip up passers-by outside the Queen Mother’s bedroom…
    Having said that it is a really great place to visit and truly magical with its many turrets - it is open to the public from April to October. It is also the home of the Queen Mother's family, the Bowes Lyons, Earls of Strathmore.

  • VisitScotlandPatriciaVisitScotlandPatricia Member, Moderator
    I have been to many functions in Stirling Castle,through the day and in the evening but have never seen a Ghost. Perhaps we were making too much noise!!!!!
  • VisitScotlandAlisonVisitScotlandAlison Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    Now is your chance to see inside mysterious Claypotts Castle on the outskirts of Dundee.  This perfect little Scottish tower house isn't normally open to the public but Dark Dundee are putting on spooky tours from 23 - 28 October at 6.30pm and 8.00pm.  I really want to do this (but a wee bit nervous!) 
  • I went on a tour around Greyfriars Kirkyard in July 2018, can see why it's on the list, definitely a creepy place to visit! >:) I recommend booking in advance if visiting during the summer months as it can be very busy. Tour sizes are pretty small, around 15 people in each!  :)

  • KatieMacCorKatieMacCor Member ✭✭
    LOVE the Mary Kings Close tour <3  Went on their special Condemned tour last year around Halloween and it was great to see a darker side and hear the stories of the close, this focuses more on witchcraft so its perfect for making the tour a little more creepy and interesting for an older audience. I think these run as a later tour after normal admission times and i would say to book in advance as it was limited availability :)
  • johnmurrayjnrjohnmurrayjnr Member ✭✭✭
    My favourite thing about each historic property in Scotland is their ghost stories and Falkland Palace in Fife is no different 👻 “Over the years the palace has had visits from the ghosts of Mary Queen of Scots; the White Lady, who roams the Tapestry Gallery awaiting her lost lover; and the Grey Lady, who walks the ruins of the East Range and disappears through a wall where once there was a door. Most chilling of all are the sinister faces that appear at the window of the Queen’s Room.”

  • FullStopNextChapterFullStopNextChapter VisitScotland Ambassador ✭✭✭
    Mary King's Close has been on my list of places to visit for a while now. 

    I'm a bit of a wuss and don't really like the dark, so the last place you are likely to find me is the Kirk yard at night! 
    Join in my new chapter over on the blog. Discovering all things that make Scotland the place everyone wants to visit. 

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