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Travel by bus/train?

Hello, My family and I will be visiting Aug 23-Sep 6.  We are planning to travel primarily by train or bus from Edinburgh to Inverness with several stays along the way.  Should we book bus/train tickets now?  ...or will it be okay to wait until we arrive?  Thanks in advance for any info/advice!  Cam

Best Answer

  • VisitScotlandAlisonVisitScotlandAlison Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    Accepted Answer
    Trains and buses are busy in and out of Edinburgh at this time because of the Edinburgh Festival which runs to the end of August.  Inverness is also a very popular destination at this time.  Since you are a family party (and presumably want to sit together on your journeys!) I think it would be best to book your tickets and seats in advance, especially if you have a particular itinerary in mind and have to be particular places on certain dates. Check out    to work out your schedule. 


  • CamCam Member
    Thank you very much!  
  • HorizonsHorizons VisitScotland Contributor ✭✭✭✭
    @Cam agree with everything @VisitScotlandAlison said. There is a tiny nuance for train tickets. If you buy the 'Advance' train ticket with a reservation, you must make that reservation a la flight tickets as these are non-refundable. An alternative is to buy an 'Anytime' train ticket with a specific reservation which is more expensive but gives you flexibility.

    Also buying tickets on the ScotRail website (or the UK more generally) does not give you an e-ticket but a reference number which you can use to print the actual tickets once you reach Scotland from a ticket machine. This is different from other countries I have been to and is another gotcha.
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