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Restricted mobility public transport 4 days from Glasgow Mull, Iona or elsewhere?

Hi there!

I am in Glasgow for 2 days and want to do a day trip for 1-2 days to some of the islands -  trying to figure out what would be easier given that I have restricted mobility issues and can't drive, if I take the scenic train journey from Glasgow to Oban assume I can get to Mull easily is it possible though to see Tobermory and Iona on public transport? Has anyone used  tour from the ferry port they can recommend? I was thinking of overnighting it one day and then getting back a different route but checked on loganair and it seems they are not flights from Glasgow to Barra or Islay and I thought I could get a different route back...don't with limited time want to repeat the same journey back via Oban/train -  anyone got any suggestions? My other option would be Bute and Mount Stuart but I like the idea of seeing crystal clear blue seas and mini planes!! Many thanks everyone!


  • HorizonsHorizons VisitScotland Contributor ✭✭✭✭
    Hey @Redsettergal, I cannot comment on mobility but I can comment on public transport options for you and provide the websites of the specific transport companies so that you can contact them about your mobility needs (FWIW, I think all the transport companies should be usable for you). A general rule is to NOT travel on a Sunday as public transport connections are quite poor on that day, specially buses.

    Isle of Mull

    There are buses run by West Coast Motors on the Isle of Mull that go from Craignure in both directions (Tobermory and Fionnphort connecting to the Iona ferry). It is one of the most expensive buses in the world but comfortable. You may also contact one of the Staffa companies to see if they could accommodate you on a boat tour to Staffa (though landing on the island might not be an option with limited mobility).


    This should be possible, Flybe operates the Barra - Glasgow flight and Barra has 3 bus routes. So the train to Oban, ferry to Barra, fly back to Glasgow seems feasible as a plan.

    Hope this was helpful. Feel free to ask me any public transport related questions as I have taken a lot of rides on it across Scotland. Traveline Scotland and Google Maps are indispensible tools.
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  • Thanks so much for the response, is Barra worth seeing if one is seeking sandy beaches? Flights are pretty pricey and am wondering if a 3 day tour to Skye is easier? Also looks like it takes a while to get from Mull to Barra and I'd loose a lot of time. Any alternative route suggestions to return to Glasgow from Oban that aren't by train? I don't want to repeat the same journey back if I can!
  • HorizonsHorizons VisitScotland Contributor ✭✭✭✭
    edited August 2017
    My pleasure @Redsettergal Barra is absolutely the right place to be if you want sandy beaches. I was actually thinking you would go to either Mull or Barra because you only have 2 days total, you do not have time to go to more than 1 place for sure. In that short a span, flights are unfortunately the most time saving way to get back (agree they are super expensive).

    Skye is not known for sandy beaches, Mull actually has a very nice beach at Calgary bay and there is a bus that goes there from Tobermory. So a suggestion can be to book Oban - Tobermory return boat trips with an Oban operator (ask Coastal Connections), base yourself in Tobermory for a night and take the bus and back to Calgary bay the next day.

    Oban to Glasgow is the same route for 2/3rds of the way using bus / train. That being said, the bus route comes back via the Arrochar Alps and the Argyll forest and the train route hugs Loch Lomond so taking 2 different modes on the 2 ways will be different enough IMO.

    Lastly, another great sandy beach alternative that I can recommend is Arisaig / Morar. Direct train from Glasgow and superb white sands. Hope for good weather. The West Highland rail journey is so beautiful, you won't mind taking the same route twice (includes the Harry Potter Glenfinnan viaduct).
    We're a globetrotting travel blogger couple. Find us on Facebook | Instagram

    Best of Scotland in 1 Week (fully by public transport)

    See Scotland with us (incl: SkyeMullArranOrkneyLoch Lomond, Islay, Oban)
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