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Mobile/ cell phone for Canadian touring Scotland?

I don't have a cell phone in Canada, but wondered about picking up a phone or plan in Scotland for a 3 week trip, kind of like a "burner phone", or bring a phone over and get a phone card to insert. I'll be travelling mostly on my own, but will be visiting with a larger group mostly known through social media (so need some way to keep in touch and connect). I'll have a fairly lightweight notebook style laptop, but it isn't very practical for on the go communications. What do you think?  Worthwhile or don't bother. What might be the cost? Any suggestions for suppliers or companies, links/ websites. Text and data or just text?


  • VisitScotlandAmandaVisitScotlandAmanda Member, Administrator, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    Hello @labyrinthmr!

    You can pick up a reasonably priced sim card in Scotland from supermarkets or other retailers and a 'pay as you go' option might suit you best.

    We do have limited signal in some parts of Scotland so best to chat with the person in store about what network will work best for the places you're visiting.

    Hope this helps!

    Kiwi gal, relocated to Scotland. 
  • VisitScotlandMurielVisitScotlandMuriel Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    Hi @labyrinthmr
    You could bring an old phone and buy a "pay as you go" sim card to put in it - you can start with £5 or £10. That would be useful for calls and texts. I can't recommend one company over the others as I am not an expert on all the different plans but you can try carphone warehouse as they have different providers so you can compare prices. However for internet on the go, the service in the Highlands tends to be quite patchy. It's best to try and use WiFi at your accommodation if it's available and your notebook would be perfect for that. I hope this helps and wish you a lovely time in Scotland.
  • YourScotlandTourYourScotlandTour Member ✭✭✭
    Buy a pay as you go phone for £2 and top it up with £10 credit -!/sort/p_t_upfrontprice 

    Give the phone to charity when you leave.

    Canadian cell phones may not be compatible with our networks (unless it's a dual/tri/quad band phone). It may also be locked to a particular network.

    Bespoke tours.
    Whisky, Castles and Food a speciality.
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