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STICKY: Best ways to get around Scotland

VisitScotlandIntroVisitScotlandIntro Administrator
edited October 2016 in Planning and Practicalities
This is the sticky discussion for commonly asked questions and answers on the best ways to get around Scotland, whether by car, bus, train or any other means. We'll add new questions and answers with links to the appropriate threads as they become available. Please feel free to comment and ask for particular threads or responses to be added.


  • YourScotlandTourYourScotlandTour Member ✭✭✭
    Hey I've just started yourscotlandtour (dot co dot uk) which may be a good way for people to tour Scotland ;-) 

    Bespoke tours.
    Whisky, Castles and Food a speciality.
  • LisaMcLisaMc Member
    We are planning to stay in Scotland (Oban) for 3 months in 2018.  We would like to rent a vehicle by the month vs. weekly.  Does anyone know of a place that will rent by the month?

  • YourScotlandTourYourScotlandTour Member ✭✭✭
    Bespoke tours.
    Whisky, Castles and Food a speciality.
  • I am trying to contact the people who run the ferry to and from Inchmahome. I know there are at least two of them - and of course the organizers are Historic Environment Scotland. Normally the ferry starts at 10 a.m. However, the (only) public bus service from Stirling (C11) arrives at the Post of Menteith crossroads at 09.11 every day now since the new timetable became operative. Is there any chance that the ferry could start earlier if one got into contact beforehand? I have been trying but it is extremely difficult. So here I am having another try. It's not that I mind waiting around on a lovely sunny day, but on a not-sunny day it would be good to get moving, not least in order not to mis the next bus to ABerfoyle at 12.01 which we did last year! Any bright ideas?
  • LizziebirdLizziebird Member
    I will be visiting Scotland with my two daughters (18 and 24) at the end of June and early July. We will stay in Edinburgh for three days and head to Aviemore and then on to Glasgow. Would renting a car be the easiest way for us to get around or would a train be better? We are from the U.S. We want to get as much hiking in as possible. What might the weather be like? 
    Im looking for hte best place to stay in the glens as a solo traveler ( female ) I want to be abel to walk out inot the beauty of the land but not anything too rigorous as I am not equiped with that kind of gear - I was thinking to bus from Ft William to Glen Coe then walk to Clachaig Inn  wher eit looks as tho they have pub with night life and are close to trail that are walkable outr into the this true ..anyone have anybetter suggestions..OPEN TO ANYTHING all I know is I must see this gorgeous landscape - will arrive in a few days...THANK YOU! 
  • mnjmrcmnjmrc Member
    I recently moved to UK one month back. I want to plan a trip  for Scotland during Christmas. So please please can you help me with the correct places ,routes & accommodation .Hoping for a reply for this message. Thank u in advance
  • marcorochamarcorocha Member
    Good evening. I'm travelling to Glasgow on April 19th to the 29th. I've been searching some stuff, mainly public transportations and have some doubts.

    - Firstly, Is it possible to hit all the main landmarks through train/bus without too much hassle?

    - I'd appreciate if someone would share a typical 7-day route so I can plan from there.

    Thanks a ton. 
  • YourScotlandTourYourScotlandTour Member ✭✭✭
    @Horizons is our resident public transport expert - as a tour guide I’d say you’re better off hiring me than using the bus ;-)
    Bespoke tours.
    Whisky, Castles and Food a speciality.
  • HorizonsHorizons VisitScotland Contributor ✭✭✭✭
    edited February 20
    @marcorocha I'll play Devil's advocate to @YourScotlandTour and say that it is possible to hit some of the major landmarks (for 1st time visitors, purely subjective, Scotland has too many major landmarks) in a week by public transport as I do that trip once a year (for the benefit of family and friends).

    Pre-planning the schedule and sticking to it is the only hassle you'll need to take as public transport isn't very frequent especially to places like Skye. I can help iron out your specifics if you want to drop a couple of places to put in others that you've dreamt of visiting.

    Detailed post:

    I also have a summary of a variant of the itinerary Feel free to follow up. And, of course, hiring a tour guide (like the excellent @YourScotlandTour) is highly recommended for in-depth exploration at your own pace, something which is difficult by public transport.
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