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Magical waterfalls in Scotland



  • FofomaFofoma Member ✭✭✭
    edited January 2017
    Some photos taken from a recent walk to the Blackwater Reservoir near Kinlochleven where I have never seen so many waterfalls!

  • Fork_and_FootFork_and_Foot Member ✭✭
    I was going to say the Falls of Falloch, but that was the first one in the list! :smiley:
  • VisitScotlandLyndsayVisitScotlandLyndsay Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    Falls of Falloch is my favourite @Fork_and_Foot ; ;)
  • willmackenziewillmackenzie Member ✭✭
    edited May 2017
    I'm a huge waterfall fan, and I go hunting for unknown ones a lot in my spare time.

    Four of my five favourites haven't been mentioned above, so here they are:
    • Wailing Widow Waterfall, just south of Unapool in Sutherland
    • Clashnessie Falls, Clashnessie, near Lochinver/Achmelvich/Clachtoll
    • Bearreraig Waterfall, Isle of Skye
    • Loup of Fintry, Fintry, Stirlingshire
    • Bracklinn Falls, Calander, Stirlingshire (has been mentioned above)

    This is the Wailing Widow Waterfall

    This is the Bearreraig Waterfall, Skye

    This is the Loup of Fintry - there's much more to it than this photo suggests, so I've added a hyperlink above to show you more of it on it's Wikipedia :smile:

    This is the Bracklinn Falls - there's more of them to explore, and there's a beautiful bridge, which is where this photo was taken from, plus lots of woods to explore and walk.

    Hope this helps!
    Edinburgh | Highlands of Scotland | Part-time explorer
    > My Instagram
  • fishyprofishypro Member ✭✭✭
    Black Spout Waterfall in Pitlochry. You can stop and see this as you walk to Edradour Distillery.
    Best regards
  • VisitScotlandLyndsayVisitScotlandLyndsay Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    very nice photographs @willmackenzie. Thanks for including the link to the Loup of Fintry, the waterfalls look pretty cool. Not too far from where I work, so I may have to make a visit.  :)
  • DMWScotlandDMWScotland VisitScotland Ambassador ✭✭✭
    Stunning photos @willmackenzie! So beautiful! I love waterfalls  :)
    I blog about places I've explored in Scotland on Love Exploring Scotland  <3
    Follow me on FacebookTwitterInstagramVimeo or YouTube :)
  • willmackenziewillmackenzie Member ✭✭
    edited May 2017
    Thanks Dawn-Marie and Lyndsay  :)

    @VisitScotlandLyndsay: For the Loup of Fintry, I struggled the first time I went hunting for it, but basically you're looking for a passing place on the right of the road as you go up the hill from Fintry - it's maybe 2 miles-ish up the road? If you park in the passing place you'll see a wooden sign which points you the 1/4 mile to the Falls, the only issue is the sign is hard to read, so I drove past it first time  :D These are the exact co-ordinates: 56.050068, -4.149778 - if you pop those into Google Maps or a Sat Nav, you'll find it with the above knowledge. It's probably 20mins from Stirling city centre.

    It's an incredible place on a sunny day because the valley you look down, if you get up, close is very pretty, especially with a big blue sky and huge fluffy clouds.. If you go: enjoy!  <3

    Edinburgh | Highlands of Scotland | Part-time explorer
    > My Instagram
  • VisitScotlandMurielVisitScotlandMuriel Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    Wow, stunning pictures!!! - some are too far for me but the Loup of Fintray I should definately be able to reach. I will put it to my walking buddies for one of our outings   :D
  • VisitScotlandAngelaVisitScotlandAngela Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    I recently visited Pucks Glen in the Cowal Peninsula with @VisitScotlandLyndsay.  It was an amazing walk with a series of small waterfalls through a deep chasm.  It was stunning!  Here is a picture of @VisitScotlandLyndsay at one of the larger falls. :)

  • nettie101nettie101 Member ✭✭
    On the way home from Tyndrum I stopped in at The Falls of Falloch, amazing 
  • Stefano_1988Stefano_1988 Member ✭✭
    My favourites (up to now) are:

    •  Falls of Clyde, just near New Lanark;
    • Black Spout Waterfall in Pitlochry;
    • Falls of Bruar.
    I simply was speechless in front of these natural beauties.

  • VisitScotlandLyndsayVisitScotlandLyndsay Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    amazing photographs @Stefano_1988
  • Stefano_1988Stefano_1988 Member ✭✭
    amazing photographs @Stefano_1988
    Thank you very much :)
  • FullStopNextChapterFullStopNextChapter VisitScotland Ambassador ✭✭✭
    I wrote a post over on my blog about my favourite five waterfalls: 
    Join in my new chapter over on the blog. Discovering all things that make Scotland the place everyone wants to visit. 

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