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  • LLACampbellLLACampbell Member ✭✭
    Hi everyone!

    I'm Laura and I am originally from Glasgow but I'm currently studying in Aberdeen. I write a lifestyle blog at the floral elephant, which currently contains a whole lot of food and some travel. 

    I'm looking forward to sharing all my favourite parts of this bonnie wee country!

  • Hello @GlasgowFoodGeek@FunkyEllas_Travel and @LLACampbell and welcome to the community!

  • DMWScotlandDMWScotland VisitScotland Ambassador ✭✭✭
    Hello everyone!

    I'm Dawn-Marie and I live in South Ayrshire, Scotland  <3 .

    Firstly, thanks to Visit Scotland for inviting me to this community forum. I feel very privileged to be part of this considering I'm very much still a beginner at blogging. I started my Love Exploring Scotland blog in November 2015, mainly to challenge myself to improve my writing and digital skills.

    I love my home country Scotland and when I can I like to visit new places. I always take photos, too many actually, so I thought it was time to start sharing these and what an adventure it has been so far!

    I hope that my wee blog inspires the community to get outdoors more often and explore our bonnie Scotland. I also look forward to reading posts in this community and helping if I can.

    Let's explore Scotland together  :)

    I blog about places I've explored in Scotland on Love Exploring Scotland  <3
    Follow me on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube :)
  • Welcome @DMWScotland! We're very glad to have you and our other bloggers, instagrammers and tweeters on board. Your blog looks fantastic!

  • DMWScotlandDMWScotland VisitScotland Ambassador ✭✭✭
    Thanks @VisitScotlandDave. Glad to be here and already finding out about new places to visit in Scotland. My list is expanding as I type!  :)
    I blog about places I've explored in Scotland on Love Exploring Scotland  <3
    Follow me on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube :)
  • emmagafferemmagaffer Member ✭✭
    Hello and thank you for inviting me :).

    I am 26 year old Emma from Edinburgh. I have only recently returned to bonny Scotland after spending three years living, working and travelling in Asia and the Americas. You can see my previous travels on instagram @emmagaffer.

    Now it's time for me to discover more about my own beautiful neighbourhood.

    I'm looking forward to sharing my adventures, getting tips from all of you guys and learning more about Scotland.

    Thanks :)
  • ananyahananyah Member ✭✭
    Hello everyone! So many new members which is great. Cannot wait to get to know you all  :#
    Visit Scotland Community Ambassador
    Glasgow Based Food, Travel & Lifestyle Blogger
    Blog | Twitter | Instagram
  • Hi @emmagaffer and welcome!
  • VisitScotlandNikkiVisitScotlandNikki Member, VisitScotland Staff
    Hi everyone! I'm Nikki and I'm one of the VisitScotland team that'll be helping out with queries and sharing lots of great hidden gems in Scotland.

    I'm based in Edinburgh - I've been here for 10 years on and off - but I'm originally from Angus on the east coast.

    Great to see all the posts so far - looking forward to talking with everyone!
  • VisitScotlandEstherVisitScotlandEsther Administrator, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    Hi folks,

    Just wanted to introduce myself too...

    I'm Esther and I'm also with VisitScotland. I was born on Mull, grew up in Argyll and now stay in Edinburgh. 

    I'm looking forward to speaking to people from all over the world, and helping them to get the most from a visit to our lovely country.  :)
  • VisitScotlandHeatherVisitScotlandHeather Member ✭✭✭

    I forgot to say hi when I joined (doh!).  I work at VisitScotland too, a born and bred  Edinburger!!

  • ReinairReinair Member ✭✭
    Hello everyone!

    I am Reiner 45 years old from Stuttgart, Germany. I love Scotland over all. I am a member of Historic Scotland and love to take photos in Scotland. VisitScotland shared some of my photos on Instagram. You may now my Instagram Gallery: reinair0903

    I just came back from Scotland and I cannot wait to be back.
  • OutandaboutElaineOutandaboutElaine Member ✭✭✭
    Hi Folks,
    I also work for VisitScotland so will be on here to help and participate in the really interesting chat, loving the posts so far, really interesting and useful.  I currently live in the Kingdom of Fife but have also lived in Dundee and Glasgow during my student days.  

  • GirlVersusFoodGirlVersusFood Member ✭✭
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm Lynsey, I live in West Lothian and I'm passionate about Scottish food and drink. Aren't we lucky to have a country full of such amazing produce and restaurants? I blog about food and drink over on

    Looking forward to chatting with you all and hearing more about what you love about Scotland.

  • VisitScotlandAmyRVisitScotlandAmyR Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    edited April 2016
    Hullo! I'm Amy, I'm from the VisitScotland team and I very much enjoy writing about bonnie Scotland. You'll either find me in Edinburgh where I now live and work, or gallivanting across to the west coast, which is where I'm originally from. Can't wait to get chatting about all of the many awesome things that people can experience in Scotland!
  • TheChaoticScotTheChaoticScot Member ✭✭✭
    Hello everyone,

    I just realised I hadn't introduced myself. How rude! 

    I'm Kay, an Edinburgh lass who travels Scotland by public transport and on foot (unless I can blag a lift!) and writes about it at TheChaoticScot

    I love taking pictures of scenic landscapes/seascapes, beautiful architecture and food. You can check out my colourful snaps on the social media channels in my signature below.

    I'm a Scottish history geek (and chatterbox) from my years working as a tour guide in the Highlands, and have been inspired ever since to see and learn more.

    My favourite travel destination is the Scottish Islands  <3

    I could talk/write about Scotland all day...  :)
    Follow my adventures on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram 

    Have a wee nosey at my blog  

    Former tour guide and current blether. Edinburgh girl whose <3 is in the Scottish Islands. Talk to me about scenic walks, photography, places to eat, public transport, exciting adventures and history  :)
  • VisitScotlandMiriamVisitScotlandMiriam Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    Hi folks! I work in the Content Team at VisitScotland - you can see some of my work over on the blog

    Looking forward to seeing people's suggestions of things to do - you guys all have such great, diverse knowledge! @GlasgowFoodGeek what kind of dogs do you have? I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Bertie! He's still quite wee but I'm hoping to take him on lots of Scottish adventures soon.
    I'm an Edinburgher who works in the VisitScotland Content Team - have you seen our blog?
  • Welcome to all new users!

    Just to let everyone know, we have just done a restructuring of the site categories to make things a little simpler and hopefully make it easier for you to find the discussion you're looking for. We continue to welcome your feedback on the community and how it's working for you.
  • VisitScotAnnieroseVisitScotAnnierose Member, Administrator, Moderator
    Hello community! 

    I'm Annierose and I work on the Content Team at VisitScotland. I love writing about all things Scotland!  

    I live in Edinburgh, but I grew up in bonnie Dumfries & Galloway in the south west. I've recently explored a couple of islands, and I'd love to see some more. Orkney and Shetland are definitely next on my list! 

    Can't wait to start talking about Scotland with all of you :) 
  • VisitScotlandSheenaVisitScotlandSheena Member, VisitScotland Staff
    edited May 2016
    Hi everyone,

    I'm Sheena - another member of the VisitScotland team.

    Born in Edinburgh and now living in West Lothian, I'm enjoying the best of both worlds - working in the city and living in the countryside. And I also try to get out and explore the rest of this fantastic country as often as possible.

    Looking forward to chatting with you soon.

  • VisitScotlandAngelaVisitScotlandAngela Member, Administrator, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    edited May 2016
    Hi Everyone!!  My name is Angela and I too work for VisitScotland.  I'm originally from Aberdeenshire but now live and work at the southern end of Loch Lomond in the Balloch Information Centre.  I've been here for 13 years now...what a great place to live and work!!     :)
  • VisitScotlandLyndsayVisitScotlandLyndsay Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    Hello! My name is Lyndsay and I work for VisitScotland. I grew up in the far North of Scotland in the town of Wick before spending a few years living on the west coast in Campbeltown. I am now happily settled in the small village of Garelochhead. As part of my job I get to travel throughout The Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park, visiting the Information Centres.......not too bad at all  :) 
  • VisitScotlandJulieVisitScotlandJulie Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    Hello there. My name is Julie. As you can see, I work for VisitScotland in Edinburgh. I was born and bred in Aberdeen, so I'm fluent at speaking the Doric ;) . I've lived in quite a few places over the years, including on the sea in a cruise ship. This is my third time back living in Edinburgh - it's a wonderful city that keeps pulling me back like a big fridge magnet :) .
  • VisitScotlandNikkiRVisitScotlandNikkiR Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    Hello everyone. My name is Nikki and I have worked for VisitScotland for the past 9 years and love my job. I live and work in the beautiful village of Strontian. The village is famous for being the only place in the UK to have an element named after the place it was discovered - Strontianite. Really looking forward to chatting to people from all over the world  :) 
  • VisitScotlandAlisonVisitScotlandAlison Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    Hello Folks,
    I am Alison and I am a Seasonal VSA in the Arbroath IC (This is my second season now).  I started off in administration (many years ago) and recently took early retirement from Primary teaching about 4 years ago. I got restless and applied for this VS position and absolutely love it!  It is such an interesting mixture different skills and is the first time I have really been able to use spoken French and German!  Needless to say I am a bit rusty but really enjoying brushing up.  I started learning Spanish 4 years ago and have used that quite a bit here too.  Being made a Moderator will be a learning curve as I am not very internet savvy!  I am a passionate promoter of my beloved Angus and enjoy gallivanting to "a' the airts" so enjoy reading other people's experience around Scotland.
  • VisitScotlandMarinaVisitScotlandMarina Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    I'm a bit late to this but hello everyone! I'm Marina and I work for VisitScotland in Ayr. I've been here for almost 8 years now but previous to this I was based in our Glasgow Airport office for 10 years. This is all a bit new to me but I'm looking forward to joining in the fun!!  :)
    Hope to chat to you all at some point!
  • MightyAtomKTMightyAtomKT Member ✭✭
    Hi everyone!  I'm brand new!  Looking forward to chatting about all things Scotchland!
  • Welcome @MightyAtomKT! I believe you are our first Open Beta user to comment in the welcome thread, so you get extra points :smiley:
  • wheeliehoosewheeliehoose Member
    Hi everyone, my name is Ali (Alison if it's Sunday lol) I have lived in both the East and the West of Scotland but I am most definitely a West Coast lass at heart :smile:  I absolutely adore Scotland - all of it, everything and everyone! I spend a lot of weekends and holidays with my husband and the dog buzzing around Scotland in our Wheelie Hoose (motorhome), whatever the weather or time of the year - we did part of the North Coast 500 in November!  We also make sure we manage to take in at least a couple of festivals every year. Looking forward to chatting with everyone and sharing adventures.
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