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Scotland is the place where …

julienmanujulienmanu Member
edited July 2016 in General Discussion

Scotland is the place where … I chose to live. Took me a while, but I got there eventually!

It’s the typical story really, a bit like when you fall in love. Usually you meet your first love close to you, at a young age; sometimes you’ve even known her forever. For me, her name was France and she was reassuring and familiar - although a bit grumpy at times. Lovely but too close, too comfortable. Then you kind feel you need to move on, and here comes the second love of your life – suddenly it’s a better relationship; you know yourself better, you mature as you get a bit older. Her name was Canada and boy did she teach me a lot about myself. Oh, Canada… I feel like I used you and left when I became a proper grown up… She’ll always be the one I’ll be thinking of with a smile on my face. But a smile is not enough.


Then you get cocky and start using Tinder… It’s fun, it’s short term, it’s quick, it’s sometimes very exotic , non-committing and exciting - but not always fulfilling. But hey, you gave it a try. Why not?

And then, only then, you meet the one; the right one, the last one. Her name is Scotland and I love her to bits. She’s the best of both worlds; she’s beautiful beyond belief and most importantly, we share the same core values. And guys, this is the best feeling in the world. This sense of solidarity, this ideal of togetherness. She makes me feel I am where I am supposed to be.

Also, she’s soooooo much fun!! She taught me how great it is to talk to strangers – and enjoy it! - how fantastic it can be to really laugh out loud silly, to not be scared of the unknown…

She’s not perfect you know, but man she tries hard. Scotland is simple and obvious. She’s just pure dead brilliant.

I understood Scotland is the place where I want to spend the rest of my life the day some of my Scottish friends gently convinced me to wear a kilt for a wedding. I thought I would be a fraud, I thought I shouldn’t steal other people’s culture.  I thought this wasn’t for me. “French people don’t wear kilts”, my judgmental little old brain told me immediately. But then I understood you can’t steal something people want to share. And then boom, I knew it. Simple, obvious. 

Scotland is the place I chose to love.

But really, it wasn’t a choice… Ask anyone who experienced love at first sight and you’ll understand how sometimes you don’t even have to try, it’s just right there in front of you; ready.

I love Scotland for what it is. And certain days, when proudly I wear a kilt, feeling the fresh Scottish breeze between my hairy French legs, I try - very hard - to honor my second country by repeating this famous saying properly:

Whit’s fur ye’ll no go past ye.

Scotland definitely didn't. 

Sounds absolutely ridiculous with a French accent by the way... But I am working on it. Love works both ways, right? 


  • LeodhasachLeodhasach Member ✭✭
    edited July 2016
    gibry21 said:

    I guess I'll just have to stretch my arms out wide and embrace this new open relationship! :)

    Alba gu brath

    Everyone's welcome so long as no-one tries to share my food. :) And I don't really do hugs either, I blame my staid Presbyterian upbringing!

    That's a lovely heartfelt post Julien. I'm from the Western Isles and have always been very spoiled in terms of where I live. Sometimes it takes someone from outside the country to come in and remind me how lucky I am!

    For music reviews and previews in Inverness and the Highlands:
  • I also fell in love with this beautiful country at the same time as I was falling in love with husband and have now adopted Scotland as my home.

    I hear ya in every sense on this post- what a wonderful articulation. 

  • sinead_flemingsinead_fleming Member ✭✭
    Hailing from the Emerald Isle I also fell in love with Scotland, and a Scot! And I am proud to call Scotland home (although my mum still gets annoyed if I don't call Belfast home). Currently on a train down from Perth enjoying the beautiful view of Big Tree Country out the window :) The simple things!
  • sparkysparky Member ✭✭
    @julienmanu If you weren't already in love with Scotland I would have french-kissed you after that lovely post! Having moved over to Scotland many moons ago i completely get what you are saying. Love this country and the people and the random and lovely chats you can have with folk here. 
  • ArgyllCoffeeGodArgyllCoffeeGod Member ✭✭
    Scotland is where I was born!
    Befuddled, bemused & occasionally talking sense.
  • ElaineRElaineR VisitScotland Contributor ✭✭✭
    @ArgyllCoffeeGod - that's totally the best reason!
  • MaggieAMaggieA Member
    edited July 2016
    Hahah love this @julienmanu - and very recognisable !!

    I was born in the Netherlands but always had strong ties with Scotland because of my Scottish dad. I decided to study in Edinburgh for a year to 'explore my roots'.. 4 years later and I am still here! Scotland has stolen my heart and I am proud to call it my home :smiley:
  • YvonneYvonne Member ✭✭
    @julienmanu hahaha excellent post! can't wait to hear you attempt 'Whit’s fur ye’ll no go past ye' in your French accent!
  • SoniaVRSoniaVR Member ✭✭
    @julienmanu , I can totally relate to this beautiful description of what Scotland means to so many of us, not born here but calling this place home. The home that you willingly choose to build. Born in Spain and being Iceland my first love, Scotland became my true love over a decade ago. First you like certain things: landscape, people, music... and then you get hooked and just can't be away for too long, despite the weather! I am grateful for the hundreds of magical moments I have lived here and proud when people say I have a bit of a Scottish accent. I have always felt welcome (I still do) and no matter what the future may bring, Scotland will always be part of who I am. Alba gu bràth!

  • FishjaggerFishjagger Member ✭✭
    Men can wear 'skirts' (the Kilt!) as the norm and with pride!
  • tsveochektsveochek Member
    I have been living  in Scotland  for almost 7 years, I really love this beautiful country, its wonderful people,its amazing traditions. And KILT!  I adore  to see men in kilts. It's so unusual and so SCOTTISH!!  And though I am from a very beautiful Russian city St Petersburg,where I was born and lived, I can definitely  say SCOTLAND IS UNIQUE!!!!
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2016
    [Deleted Content]
  • DMWScotlandDMWScotland VisitScotland Ambassador ✭✭✭
    Love that poem @Samantha_Grant!

    I haven't been out of Scotland for about 20 years I think! I love our wild free landscapes and I actually do love our weather!

    It's our rain that gives us our lush green countryside, beautiful plants, flowers and trees. We always have fresh water coming out of our taps every day. So I try not to complain about the rain too much lol.  :D
    I blog about places I've explored in Scotland on Love Exploring Scotland  <3
    Follow me on FacebookTwitterInstagramVimeo or YouTube :)
  • GillyGilly Member ✭✭
    I think my love of Scotland was embedded many moons ago when I was younger. My parents used to take me and my sister on holiday to Scotland almost every year until we were 16.

    When I met my partner, he and I began walking, first in the Lake District and then visited the highlands and immediately felt at home.  It was so hard to describe, but almost as it a wave of calm washed over me and I felt so relaxed.  I behave like an excited kid when holidays are coming and get goosebumps when we go on holiday there, and I'm always gutted when we have to leave.

    eeeek, we leave this Saturday morning for a week in Ardmair and I can't stop smiling just typing that!!
  • VisitScotlandNikkiRVisitScotlandNikkiR Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    @Samantha_Grant is that Camus nan Geall?
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] ✭✭✭✭
    [Deleted Content]
  • VisitScotlandNikkiRVisitScotlandNikkiR Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    @Samantha_Grant did you go down and see the ancient chambers?
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] ✭✭✭✭
    [Deleted Content]
  • SarahIversenSarahIversen Member

    Exactly three years ago today, I arrived in Edinburgh with two large suitcases, not knowing a soul and not knowing much about Scotland besides some of the classics like kilts, haggis and bagpipes, but I was ready to get to know the country and stay here for a year.

    My first impression was the beautiful landscape, amazing architecture and the warmth of the people. I still remember how on my first day here, a friendly airport bus driver offered to look after my luggage while I crossed the road to get a taxi. (It was still there when I got back! :D)

    As time passed, I realised that I wasn’t ready to go back home to Denmark – I wasn’t done exploring Scotland and that is why I’m still here- three years later. 


  • Mark1966Mark1966 Member
    I was first in Scotland at the tender age of 3 months...having a grandmother called McLean I guess it's in my blood....been holidaying there ever since and only home on Sunday night from a 17 day holiday and I miss it already :( was walking the West Highland way and it will stay with me for the rest of my life. I'm soooooo jealous of anyone who has moved there....anyone know of a job going lol
  • DMWScotlandDMWScotland VisitScotland Ambassador ✭✭✭
    Sounds like your heart is where your home is @Mark1966 :).

    I'd love to walk the West Highland Way. I was hoping to try it next year, but I need to get into the long walking training!

    You could make it a challenge for yourself to move to Scotland. Any photos of your walk? I'd love to see some :)
    I blog about places I've explored in Scotland on Love Exploring Scotland  <3
    Follow me on FacebookTwitterInstagramVimeo or YouTube :)
  • antisbarrantisbarr Member

    This is why I love my homeland......Scotland

    Days are gone Oh my land my home
    When our fathers fought to be free
    Now we have our say, we would lead the way
    Once more Oh Scotland for ever

    Proud and brave Oh our fathers gave
    For the right to think as we do
    And in freedoms name we would stand again
    Once more Oh Scotland for ever

    High above on this land I love
    Is the flag that is dearest to me
    Let the banners fly In a Scottish sky
    Once more Oh Scotland for ever

    Days are gone Oh my land my home
    But In memories still they remain
    So proud to be in a land that's free
    Once more Oh Scotland for ever

  • Mark1966Mark1966 Member
    edited August 2016
    Well my heart is defo in the highlands DMWScotland

    As for walking the whw its all about planning. I stayed in 2 self-catering near Drymen and one in North Ballachulish...and used them as a base for a family holiday so i got dropped off and picked up later on. Meant we could still do things later on as and when we wanted to.
    The walk itself is a bit tough up past Rowardennan to the end of loch lomond but nothing too strenuous and well worth walking. Ill try and put some pics up if i can :smile: tho when it tried earlier it wouldnt let me lol
  • DMWScotlandDMWScotland VisitScotland Ambassador ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the advice @Mark1966. I think I'm going to plan this for next year if funds allow. I climbed my first Munro this year, wildcamped on Goatfell and I'm doing a bit of running when I can. So I hope to be stronger and fitter next year :). I know long walking is tough though, especially on your feet! I look forward to the photos :)
    I blog about places I've explored in Scotland on Love Exploring Scotland  <3
    Follow me on FacebookTwitterInstagramVimeo or YouTube :)
  • ElaineRElaineR VisitScotland Contributor ✭✭✭
    @glendarochead I guess you are an honorary Scot now! You too @SarahIversen

    If you don't already know it, I think you'll love one of my own favourite Burns songs called Ca' the Yowes. I remember singing it in a competition at the Edinburgh International Festival when I was a Wee child in primary school and it has been a favourite of mine ever since as it's so moving. 

    There's a lovely rendition of the song with some amazing scenic photos of Scotland on YouTube at 

    Chorus.-Ca'the yowes to the knowes, 
    Ca' them where the heather grows, 
    Ca' them where the burnie rowes, 
    My bonie Dearie. 

    Hark the mavis' e'ening sang, 
    Sounding Clouden's woods amang; 
    Then a-faulding let us gang, 
    My bonie Dearie. 
    Ca' the yowes, &c. 

    We'll gae down by Clouden side, 
    Thro' the hazels, spreading wide, 
    O'er the waves that sweetly glide, 
    To the moon sae clearly. 
    Ca' the yowes, &c. 

    Yonder Clouden's silent towers,^1 
    Where, at moonshine's midnight hours, 
    O'er the dewy-bending flowers, 
    Fairies dance sae cheery. 
    Ca' the yowes, &c. 

    Ghaist nor bogle shalt thou fear, 
    Thou'rt to Love and Heav'n sae dear, 
    Nocht of ill may come thee near; 
    My bonie Dearie. 
    Ca' the yowes, &c. 

    Fair and lovely as thou art, 
    Thou hast stown my very heart; 
    I can die-but canna part, 
    My bonie Dearie. 
    Ca' the yowes, &c.
  • SkyeSkye Member
    I too fell heavily in love with the tender age of 14. First holiday there in 1974. It poured with rain for 10 whole days, but my heart was stolen by the wild beauty, serenity and people. I go every year more than once. I got married there and celebrate our anniversary in no other place. One day I'll live there. I will. Even if only as ashes deposited in Findhorn Bay to come in and out on the tide. 
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