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Magical waterfalls in Scotland

VisitScotlandLyndsayVisitScotlandLyndsay ✩Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
edited November 2016 in Scotland's countryside

So we get a lot of rain here in Scotland….but that also means we have spectacular waterfalls to go see! I recently visited The Falls of Falloch at the north end of Loch Lomond and after a week worth of heavy rain the 30ft high falls were truly spectacular and the water cascading down into the river below could be heard from the car park. The falls are a short walk from the car park, but the walk along by the river Falloch is beautiful with some great wee places down by the river to have a picnic, but beware it is a deep and fast flowing river!

An interesting feature at the Falls is The Woven Sound, an iron walk way and view point designed by John Kennedy as part of the Scenic Routes Trail throughout the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park.  The iron structure extends out from the edge of the path allowing you to get even closer to the falls.

What other waterfalls are a must visit? With so many to go see, could this be an alternative to ‘munro bagging’!?? :D




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    [Deleted Content]
  • BushmanBushman ✭✭ Member ✭✭
    The falls of Shin near Bonar Bridge are lovely and if you go at the right time of year you will see salmon jumping. The only down side is the path down to the viewing platform. It is quite steep and you really need to wear good footwear as it can be quite slippery.
    The Isle of Skye has many waterfalls, all of which are spectacular but as you drive on the road between Broadford and Portree  you will see some at very close hand. 
  • VisitScotlandLyndsayVisitScotlandLyndsay ✩ Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    lovely photographs @Fofoma, the Falls of Braan look amazing!

    @Samantha_Grant @AmyNess I remember visiting Corrieshalloch Gorge a number of years ago whilst returning from a campervan holiday to the Gairloch. The viewing platform that juts out over the edge is scary but fun at the same time!  :dizzy: 
  • VisitScotlandJulieVisitScotlandJulie ✩ Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    @Fofoma. I love Ossian's Hall with the little balcony.
  • VisitScotlandMurielVisitScotlandMuriel ✩ Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    @Fofoma - I agree, the Hermitage is very beautiful. The village of Dunkeld is really worth stopping at as well - make sure you see the old Cathedral. When I stopped there last year, a wedding party was just leaving, it was lovely to see.
    The Falls of Dochart in the village of Killin at the southern tip of Loch Tay are pretty special too. 
  • VisitScotlandLyndsayVisitScotlandLyndsay ✩ Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    wow @DMWScotland, Glenashdale waterfalls look amazing!  <3. The viewing platform certainly does its job, the views are spectacular!
  • VisitScotlandLyndsayVisitScotlandLyndsay &#10025; Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    @VisitScotlandMuriel, I have visited the Falls of Dochart both when the falls are like a raging torrent through the town, and another when there was barely a drop of water! It was like two entirley different places. It was so interesting to see it with not a lot of water, and the locals and visitors were making good use of the large rocks, that are normally submerged under the river, and were having a picnic on them and lying back and soaking up the sun :smiley:
  • VisitScotlandSarahWVisitScotlandSarahW &#10025; Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    edited August 2016
    The Linn of Dee waterfall at Mar Lodge Esate (6 miles from Braemar) is just beautiful and a must see gem when you visit Braemar!  A great picnic spot too!  :)

  • cdrackcdrack ✭✭ Member ✭✭
    Glenashdale Falls look amazing @DMWScotland ! Foyers Falls at Loch Ness are well worth a visit and it's a fantastic, but steep, walk down to the viewpoint.   Autumn is my favorite time of year to see the falls when the colours are spectacular. 
  • DMWScotlandDMWScotland ✭✭✭ VisitScotland Ambassador ✭✭✭
    I love Autumn too @cdrack. I can't wait to try and capture some nice autumn photos this year, the colours are so warming! I haven't visited Loch Ness yet, one to add to my ever-growing list! I need a few years off work lol
    I blog about places I've explored in Scotland on Love Exploring Scotland  <3
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  • FofomaFofoma ✭✭✭ Member ✭✭✭
    @DMWScotland We are planning a trip to Arran next year...those look amazing and are definitely on my list!
  • DMWScotlandDMWScotland ✭✭✭ VisitScotland Ambassador ✭✭✭
    @Fofoma there is so much to explore on Arran! You'll love it.

    In July this year we explored a new walk to Coire Fhionn Lochan. Beautiful waterfalls most of the way up to the mountain loch. Well worth the hike!

    More photos on my blog if you're interested:

    If you click on the category Isle of Arran you can see other walks I've explored. I try to visit at least once a year!

    I blog about places I've explored in Scotland on Love Exploring Scotland  <3
    Follow me on FacebookTwitterInstagramVimeo or YouTube :)
  • YourscottishtourYourscottishtour ✭✭ Member ✭✭
    The Grey Mares Tail in Kinlochleven in full flow is a must see too.   Park in the small carpark in the village and then it's just a short walk up the path to the waterfall viewpoint.  You can also walk down from the viewpoint and look up at the waterfall.  Majestic and powerful.
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  • VisitScotlandJulieVisitScotlandJulie &#10025; Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    Walk Highlands has a nice selection of waterfalls around Scotland:

    I like the Falls of Feugh in Banchory, Aberdeenshire. If you are lucky, you can see leaping salmon.

  • ElaineRElaineR ✭✭✭ VisitScotland Contributor ✭✭✭
    @VisitScotlandJulie The 60-metre cascade of the Grey Mare's Tail waterfall near Moffat was looking spectacular when we visited recently
  • VisitScotlandLyndsayVisitScotlandLyndsay &#10025; Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    @VisitScotlandJulie thanks for adding the link! I have visited Steall Falls a few years ago and the walk to get there was an adventure in itself. The falls are spectacular but I wasn't brave enough to attempt the crossing on the wire bridge. :o 

    Your photographs are fantastic @ElaineR, your two wee pups look like they are having fun! :smiley:
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] ✭✭✭✭ ✭✭✭✭
    [Deleted Content]
  • travelswithakilttravelswithakilt ✭✭ VisitScotland Ambassador ✭✭
    Just back from the Falls of Falloch and definitely agree they are wonderful. For scale, special mention to Grey Mare's Tail in Dumfries and Galloway. It also makes for a gorgeous hike up and over to Loch Skeen.
    Scotland travel blogger and writer with a wee bit of photography and video thrown in. Love nothing more than exploring my home country and have a particular leaning towards the outdoors, history and our national drink.

    You can also find me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Tumblr.
  • VisitScotlandLyndsayVisitScotlandLyndsay &#10025; Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    Hi @travelswithakilt, glad you agree the Falls of Falloch are wonderful! What with all this heavy rain here in Loch Lomond these past few days all the waterfalls in and around the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park will be spectacular  to go and see. Bracklinn Falls, Falls of Lenny and the Falls of Dochart just for starters. 
  • VisitScotlandMurielVisitScotlandMuriel &#10025; Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    Mealt Waterfall with Kilt Rock behind it on Trotternish near Staffin, Skye. A truly majestic sight. Kilt Rock is named so because the rock resembles the pleats of a kilt.

  • HorizonsHorizons ✭✭✭✭ Member, VisitScotland Ambassador ✭✭✭✭
    Agree with @Fofoma , the Hermitage is one of my absolute favourites as well. The most magical waterfall I saw recently was a mountain loch fall in Torridon. Don't think it has a name but it's at the very end of the Coire Mhic Fhearchair trail. Very powerful & relaxing with panoramic views from the top.

    I'm Anirudh, an Indian travel blogger who has explored a lot of Scotland by public transport. My blog. Find me on Facebook | Instagram

    Best of Scotland in 1 week itinerary (fully by public transport)

    My Scotland travels (includes EdinburghSkye, HarrisMullArranOrkneyLoch Lomond, Islay, Oban, DunoonSpeyside)

  • FullStopNextChapterFullStopNextChapter ✭✭✭ VisitScotland Ambassador ✭✭✭
    One hundred and twenty metres high, Steall Falls I think would have to be my favourite. The walk in along the river and through the gorge is a bit of a trek (especially if like we did, you do it the day after climbing Ben Nevis!) but I love that you get no idea that the falls are there until it opens up.

    The photo is of me a few years ago, slowly, making my way across the wire bridge.

    Join in my new chapter over on the blog. Discovering all things that make Scotland the place everyone wants to visit. 

  • VisitScotlandLyndsayVisitScotlandLyndsay &#10025; Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    You are very brave @FullStopNextChapter!! I preferred to view the falls from the banks of the river when I visited.  :o  :o 
  • FofomaFofoma ✭✭✭ Member ✭✭✭
    @FullStopNextChapter That walk is on my list to do the next time we camp at Glen Nevis - looks fun! The day after we climbed Ben Nevis we took a walk to the Inchree Falls near Onich - our knees were not impressed we had chosen another climb! LOL

  • VisitScotlandMarinaVisitScotlandMarina &#10025; Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    I visited New Lanark at the weekend for the first time and really enjoyed my walk along the river. And although bits of it did prove how unfit I am, the views were worth it!

  • DMWScotlandDMWScotland ✭✭✭ VisitScotland Ambassador ✭✭✭
    @VisitScotlandMarina such a beautiful picture! Love it :)
    I blog about places I've explored in Scotland on Love Exploring Scotland  <3
    Follow me on FacebookTwitterInstagramVimeo or YouTube :)
  • VisitScotlandLyndsayVisitScotlandLyndsay &#10025; Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    I visited Aberfoyle recently and spent some time exploring The Lodge Visitor Centre. There are many footpaths that leave from the centre, one of which has a lovely surprise at the end, a beautiful waterfall  :). There are also some interesting sculptures to be found along the pathways, and amazing views of The Queen Elizabeth Forest Park. It really does make for a great day out.  <3

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