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Only during the Festivals… pop-ups and surprises

VisitScotlandEstherVisitScotlandEsther Administrator, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
edited August 2016 in Events and festivals

I love this time of year, when Edinburgh is stuffed full of performers and bursting with festival-goers.

At the same time, it seems that everywhere you look there’s a pop-up bar, a stage, or an ordinarily inconspicuous building that suddenly opens its doors to the public and becomes a multi-room venue.

I love the tiny secret outdoor garden that you access from the very end of the walkway above Victoria Street. Last year they did lovely crepes and coffee. There’s a great view over the rooftops of the Old Town and it’s a favourite spot for camera crews to conduct interviews with acts making a splash at the Festivals.

Has anyone spotted any exciting pop-ups this year? I'll post pictures of everything I find this weekend.


  • willmackenziewillmackenzie Member ✭✭
    Less of a pop-up and perhaps more of a move which hasn't been fully 'found' by the masses, the BBC site has relocated to George Heriot's School and it's wicked.

    The walkway in (opposite Quartermile) is a curving path through shrubs and bushes, beautifully lit by large lightbulbs, and when you arrive at the main venue you are greeted by a fantastic view of the school (the inspiration behind Hogwarts, many way) and an indoor/outdoor astroturfed bar area and music stage. Because I was there at around 10:40pm I was lucky enough to see the Military Tattoo's fireworks set off with and with the castle in the foreground, it was a stunning location to have a beer, listen to live music and spend time with friends.

    Looking forward to exploring more this week in the search of the little pop-ups you're looking for too :smile:
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