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VisitScotlandVisitScotland Member
edited March 2016 in General Discussion

Welcome to I Know Scotland Online, VisitScotland's new online community for those living in and visiting Scotland.

Please introduce yourself in this thread and let people know where you are, what your interest in Scotland is and what you're hoping to get out of your membership of the community



  • LochgmarcpLochgmarcp VisitScotland Ambassador ✭✭✭

    My name is Marc Pickering, you can find me on Instagram (@lochgmarcp) where I post the many stunning views and areas to be found in Scotland. Excited to be on board as an ambassador and have a forum for discussing/sharing all things Scotland! 

    Looking forward to meeting you all on here and come say hi at my Instagram account @lochgmarcp
  • SmidgeSmidge VisitScotland Ambassador ✭✭✭
    Hey folks - I'm Dave and I'm one of the moderators for VisitScotland. I live and work in Edinburgh, where I'm from originally. I moved back to Scotland six years ago after a few years in London, and I'm looking forward to chatting with you all. Please say hi and let us know how you're finding things.
    Hi Dave, are comments currently moderated? I noticed they don't go live straight away (or mine just got eaten!) Thanks Smidge
    Kate - Scotland / outdoor blogger at Love From Scotland
    Climbs hills, takes pictures. Likes remotes places.
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  • ananyahananyah Member ✭✭
    Hello everyone!

    I'm Michelle and I'm one of the @VisitScotland Community Ambassadors.

    I'm from Glasgow and grew up all over the world (Singapore, Kuwait and Paris) before settling back in Glasgow where I work in IT by day (ah yes, one of those geeky people!) and by night, I blog about food, life and travel within Glasgow and beyond (shameless plug to links in my signature below *cough*!)

    I adore Scotland and love nothing better than exploring my surroundings or overdosing on some great shellfish!

    Looking forward to meeting you all :smiley: 

    Visit Scotland Community Ambassador
    Glasgow Based Food, Travel & Lifestyle Blogger
    Blog | Twitter | Instagram
  • janehunterjanehunter Member ✭✭
    Hi Everyone! 

    I'm Jane and I'm an artist, currently living in Renfrew, running my studio/shop in West Kilbride and travelling the length and breadth of Scotland as much as possible. 
    I share lots of photos of my travels on my social media (links below :smile:)

    Excited to speak to all you fellow lovers of Scotland on here, share my favourite places, things to do and find out lots of new places I haven't been yet!

    Scottish Textile Artist
    Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
  • SmidgeSmidge VisitScotland Ambassador ✭✭✭
    Hello i'm Smidge (or Kate to my friends)

    I am a blogger over at Scotland travel blog Love From Scotland and have lived in Edinburgh for the last 20 years. I love getting out and exploring Scotland, usually with my tent! 

    Looking forward to being involved with this forum :) 
    Kate - Scotland / outdoor blogger at Love From Scotland
    Climbs hills, takes pictures. Likes remotes places.
    Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

  • Hello @janehunter and @Smidge!

    Smidge, sorry that your comments ended up in our spam queue, we're still tweaking things. I fished both of the ones you submitted out and deleted the duplicate one.  Thank you for registering and commenting. 

    We'd also love your broader feedback. Head over to our feedback thread to provide your thoughts.
  • ScotlandAdventuresScotlandAdventures Member ✭✭✭
    My comments have also disappeared once I have pressed the post comment button :/
    Scottish Travel Blogger at Adventures Around Scotland

    Follow me on Social Media at Twitter Facebook Instagram Pinterest

  • FullStopNextChapterFullStopNextChapter VisitScotland Ambassador ✭✭✭
    Hi, I am Mel 

    I am a Perth based photographer and blogger and new resident of this beautiful country since Oct 2015. 

    Looking forward to sharing new adventure stories and ideas for new places to visit.
    Join in my new chapter over on the blog. Discovering all things that make Scotland the place everyone wants to visit. 

  • laretourlaretour VisitScotland Contributor ✭✭
    Hi everyone!

    I'm Laura and I too am a travel blogger! :D I was born and bred on the west coast, but have recently relocated to Edinburgh for work. You can find out a bit more about me and my weekend adventures on my website, LARETOUR. I'm also a massive Instagram lover (@laretour) as I find the community really inspiring when it comes to Scotland's undiscovered places.

    I'm looking forward to talking to all of you and sharing our love for this small but spectacular country!

    Speak soon! :) 
    Stories from Scotland.
    instagram | twitter | facebook
  • Hi @laretour, @FullStopNextChapter and @ScotlandAdventures!

    ScotlandAdventures - I checked our moderation queue for any of your posts, but couldn't see any - you may have been caught in a brief forum glitch as we are still adjusting visual layout and design. Apologies for that.

    laretour - You got put in our Spam queue, but are now verified so you should be able to post without getting caught by the filters again.

    Apologies for folk getting flagged as spam - being bloggers, instagrammers and so on, you tend to be link-heavy in your signatures and posts, which I think is triggering the spam routines. If you see a comment disappear into the ether, please private message me and I will make sure you are verified.
  • Welcome properly @ScotlandAdventures and sorry about your brief spell in the spam trap. 

    Myself and the other admins are online 0900 - 1700 during the week, but you can use the live chat to leave us a message outwith these hours, or send us a private message if you see one of your posts go missing.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] ✭✭✭✭
    edited March 2016
    [Deleted Content]
  • Welcome @Samantha_Grant - Casper is a lovely wee dug indeed!
  • kirstyaturnerkirstyaturner VisitScotland Contributor ✭✭
    edited March 2016
    Hi all,

    My name is Kirsty, I live in Falkirk and I'm originally from Dunoon, Argyll.  I love talking about Scotland so I'm excited to be involved in this forum!

    Having grown up in the countryside I've always loved walking and the outdoors life, but in recent years have caught the 'munro bagging' bug :s  I enjoy all of Scotland's hills though, they don't have to be big!

    We travel around Scotland as much as we can and I particularly love the scenery in the Hebrides, the north west highlands and the Cairngorms.

    I've been involved in Highland Dancing for many years, so fairly familiar with the Highland Games circuit too.  :)

    Look forward to talking to you soon.

    Kirsty Instagram | Ask me about all things Scotland, from hillwalking to highland dancing...
  • eilidh__cameroneilidh__cameron VisitScotland Ambassador ✭✭✭
    Hi everyone ☺️

    I'm Eilidh and I was born and raised in Argyll, on the West Coast of Scotland. I absolutely love the Scottish landscape and spend most of my spare time photographing and exploring Scotland. You can find me on Instagram @eilidh__cameron

    Looking forward to to getting involved in this, talking to you all and sharing experiences. 
  • edinbugedinbug Member ✭✭
    Hello everybody! 

    I'm Emma (aka The Edinbug), and I am obsessed with everything Edinburgh. I have lived in the city for nearly 10 years and yet I am still discovering new things to see and do every day. 

    I can't wait to get even more inspiration from this forum and sharing some of my favourite Edinburgh tips with you - it's going to be a lot of fun! 

    I've still to get my signature sorted but in the meantime you can find out more about me on my little corner of the internet:

    See you around! 

    EB x
  • Welcome @edinbug@kirstyaturner and @eilidh__cameron!

    Just a note for those encountering spam issues, we have tweaked a setting so that you will be automatically verified one minute after creating your account and should be able to post without triggering the spam filters after that.

    We'll be tightening this up once the forum is open to the general public, but for now this should stop our members losing their introduction posts!
  • mustseescotlandmustseescotland VisitScotland Contributor ✭✭✭
    Hello, I'm Gilbert and I have just walked past a group of seals basking on the shore - then I've gone to my office to type this.  Well, that's the sort of thing you can do if you live by the Moray Firth. (And the sun was shining too.) I've been in the tourism industry all my days - and I'm a Scot born and bred - and hope I can share good information with you on this forum
    The independent online guide to Scotland, written by Gilbert and Johanna Summers - lifetime Scottish tourism experts, so you get the best vacation.

  • Welcome @mustseescotland - nice and sunny here in Edinburgh too, though we've got the occasional cloud coming over too. I'm envious of your seal-watching on the Moray Firth, sounds amazing.
  • Quick pointer for new members - remember to head over to the technical questions thread here, if you have any queries about using the community software. I've just added a post about putting images and videos in your posts.
  • houseofherbyhouseofherby Member ✭✭
    Hello everyone! I'm Sharon and stay just outside Glasgow and work as a Home Economics teacher by day. By night (and holiday) I write the House of Herby blog which is primarily a Scottish food blog but I also diary all my travels and exploring - much of which is in and around Scotland but I'm keen to explore abroad as well! My blog is and my social media handles are all @HouseOfHerby Nice to meet you all! :)
    House of Herby
    [email protected]
  • mustseescotlandmustseescotland VisitScotland Contributor ✭✭✭
    Hi @houseofherby - like your blog and (as we live quite near Inverness) totally agree with you about Rocpool. It's our favourite place to eat in the capital of the Highlands too! I think I'll be making your best meatballs ever recipe soon too!
    The independent online guide to Scotland, written by Gilbert and Johanna Summers - lifetime Scottish tourism experts, so you get the best vacation.

  • Hello @houseofherby and welcome! Your blog has managed to make me rather hungry.
  • Hey everyone, 

    I'm Pam and I live in the west end of Glasgow with with husband and 2 dogs. 

    I write the blog Glasgow Food Geek which focuses on my dining adventures exploring the brilliant Glasgow's food scene. I'm also a tiny bit of an amature photographer so you can find lots of my favourite drool worthy food pics on Instagram. 

    I absolutely love Glasgow and can't wait to share all my favourite parts of it here. 

    Looking forward to chatting with you all  :)
  • FunkyEllas_TravelFunkyEllas_Travel VisitScotland Ambassador ✭✭
    Hi everybody,
    My name is Nicola Holland. I'm a Scottish travel writer/blogger based in Fife, my blog is Funkyellas Travel. I have travelled extensively around Scotland, but still have places to discover. I'm looking forward to being a @VisitScotland ambassador and sharing my experiences and advice. I love the idea of a VS forum and look forward to chatting about this stunning wee country with you all
    Nicola Holland
    Scottish Travel writer/blogger.
    Ask me anything about Scotland including eating and drinking, travelling with the family, history, the cities and the countryside.
    You can follow me here
    Blog|Twitter|Facebook| Instagram
  • mustseescotlandmustseescotland VisitScotland Contributor ✭✭✭
    edited April 2016
    Hi Nicola. Good to meet you @FunkyEllas_Travelvia on this new and exciting VS travel forum. Gilbert and I are based up in the Moray Firth. Look forward to future discussions and sharing tips and experiences!

    The independent online guide to Scotland, written by Gilbert and Johanna Summers - lifetime Scottish tourism experts, so you get the best vacation.

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