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What's your favourite beach in Scotland?

VisitScotlandAmandaVisitScotlandAmanda Member, Administrator, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
edited April 2017 in Scotland's Beaches

This weekend I took a little trip from Edinburgh (only 35 mins on the train!) to Burntisland and had the most incredible time! Not only was the weather amazing (17 degrees but felt like more) but the scenery was so picturesque as well. The water was so crystal clear and it was such a lovely and peaceful place.

What beach in Scotland should I visit next? Do you have a favourite coastal location? Show me your pics!
Kiwi gal, relocated to Scotland. 


  • fishyprofishypro Member ✭✭✭
    Hi @VisitScotlandAmanda , good topic. I have 3 favourite beaches in Scotland. My first choice is the Coral beach just outside Dunvegan on Skye. Great place to go to see the Seals.
    I would then choose West Sands at St Andrews. Massive beach full of different sporting activities.
    Then I would choose Elie.

    Best regards
  • DMWScotlandDMWScotland VisitScotland Ambassador ✭✭✭
    edited April 2017
    @VisitScotlandAmanda @fishypro

    Ahh, Scotland's beaches. I've only seen a few that I loved, my exploring started a little later in life!

    It was about ten years ago when I visited Sanna Bay at Ardamuchan in October. I'd never seen such beautiful white sands before. 

    Sanna Bay, Ardnamurchan

    Sanna Bay, Ardnamurchan

    Then I met Camusdarach Beach in Arisaig! Stunning sunsets here and my children loved playing on the beach until late at night.

    Camusdarach Beach, Arisaig

    Camusdarach Beach, Arisaig

    Just up the road from Camusdarach Beach is the beautiful white sands of Morar.

    Morar Beach

    We have tropical beaches! When the sun plays nice :)
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  • HorizonsHorizons Member, VisitScotland Ambassador ✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2017
    3 words, Isle of Harris. I was fortunate to see Luskentyre with my own eyes (it is the perfect place to enjoy a beer at) but unfortunate to not see much more due to a storm. Arisaig is a very close second (magnificent camping). Finally, my favourite beach in striking distance of Edinburgh is actually Gullane, love both the beach shape as well as the sand.




    P.S. : Reaching my 2 favourite beaches by public transport was a mini-nightmare but boy were the views worth it :smile:
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  • argyllgirlargyllgirl Member ✭✭
    Isles of Vatersay and Barra - Outer Hebrides

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] ✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2017
    [Deleted Content]
  • SuleskerrySuleskerry Member ✭✭
    There's so many fantastic beaches in Scotland, we're spoilt for choice! One of my favourites just now is Eastside in South Ronaldsay, Orkney which we were lucky to have all to ourselves on Sunday afternoon.

  • ScottScott Member
    You should also checkout Dunbar  west {Belhaven Sands} links also the east links by the Harbour very happy memorys of holidays.  North Berwick Beaches are also very nice.

  • JoSnoJoSno Member
  • JoSnoJoSno Member
    Smirsary Beach, Ardnamurchan
  • VisitScotlandAlisonVisitScotlandAlison Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    Lunan Bay near Arbroath is my favourite local beach, it's got everything: caves, river, castle, dunes and now a fab wee cafe! 
    For sheer stunning beauty it has to be Luskentyre on a sunny day.  Thought I'd died and gone to heaven. 
  • johnmurrayjnrjohnmurrayjnr Member ✭✭✭
    edited June 2017
    Oooh so many!! 



    Lower Largo

    West Sands, St Andrews

    Ruby Bay, Elie


    Stoer Bay

  • VisitScotlandJulieVisitScotlandJulie Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    I love Newburgh Beach in Ellon with its wildlife and sand dunes.
  • RachelEWoodsRachelEWoods Member ✭✭
    edited September 2017
    In North Berwick, we have a wealth of beautiful scenic beaches and coastline. Me and my friends recently took what we believed to be a casual walk. Keep this in mind because I will explain why in a few minutes.

    Beautiful sunny Sunday morning, ice cream was out, lots of families out on the beach, kids making sandcastles I would want to live in and the sea looking like an aquamarine gem stone.My friends and I decided to take a leisurely stroll up the coast towards the headland towards Daisy Island looking out on the infamous Bass Rock (home to the largest colony of sea gannets). 

    Bursts of uncontrolled laughter and giggling, feeling the sun burning our faces, it was turning out to be a very pleasant walk among the rock pools and grassy verges. I would recommend wearing a good pair of walking boots or sandals if you have them as walking in New Look fashion boots was my wrong doing!

    We got to Daisy Island, walking across a slim strip of beach and then walking up onto the grassy verges. Turning around, we were all greeted with this.

    As you can see, stunning!  B) Getting back across, catastrophic! Well nearly, we were lucky to have a narrow escape.  :* 

    I cannot stress this enough, KEEP AN EYE ON THE TIDES! If you don't, you will get stranded and will need to call out the RNLI for help. Luckily in this case, my friends didn't have to because we managed to cross over in time through the icy water, and getting jeans drenched in seawater and seaweed...

    Apart from THAT, it's worth crossing over for 5 mins at most to get a nice collection of pickies.

    My advice, don't do what me and my friends and not monitor the tides. We were there for an hour so any longer, we would become stranded and end up like Tom Hanks in Cast Away making friends with coconuts. 

    In summary, this stretch of coastline is definitely worth an explore, despite how I've sold it.
  • VisitScotlandJulieVisitScotlandJulie Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    Oh dear @RachelEWoods . So glad you made it. I had a near miss like this at Cramond beach and it is a little scary, not to mention cold and wet. I know someone who once had to call the coastguard when they got stranded with their family. They were very embarrassed at being caught out.
    North Berwick tidetable:
    Cramond Island tidetable:
  • SmidgeSmidge VisitScotland Ambassador ✭✭✭
    Ooh, the west coast beaches (Sands, Sanna etc) are beautiful, but I must admit that i love East Lothian's beaches the best - mainly as I can spend as much time on them as I like!

    Seacliff and Tyninghame are my favourites (

    Kate - Scotland / outdoor blogger at Love From Scotland
    Climbs hills, takes pictures. Likes remotes places.
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  • [Deleted Content]
  • Stefano_1988Stefano_1988 Member ✭✭
    As I love Caithness, I have to mention two lovely beaches I found once exploring it.

    The first one is Dunnet Beach, just few metres far from the village, and then the stunning Peedie Sands, really a Scottish hidden gem located behind Dwarwick Pier.

  • ParsmanParsman Member ✭✭✭
    When I was growing up we always went to Aberdour Silver Sands beach in Fife, great when you are a small child. In my teenage years we moved to the North East and while I agree Newburgh is great we always used to enjoy family picnics at Rattray Head beside the lighthouse. Now that I live in the city, we have an amazing 3 miles of white sand right in the heart of Aberdeen. Pity we don't always get the weather to enjoy it.
  • spootsspoots Member ✭✭
    Saville Bay on the Orkney island of Sanday is pretty fantastic.

    I'm also a big fan of the bays of North and South Wick on Papa Westray.

  • ScathachScathach Member ✭✭
    I have two.
    The first one is Clachtoll. Even on a stormy day it can be quite stunning. If you then venture as far as Split point the views are beautiful.

    The second one is from the Isle of Coll -  Gallanach.

    I was very lucky as the sun came out when I got there (I was there during the weekend of storm Ophelia). I got off the ferry and wandered off for a walk. This is about an hour walk from the village of Arinagour. Beautiful walk along machair... It's about 3 miles...which is Coll's width.
  • My favourite beach on mainland Scotland would probably be Oldshoremore and its little island. Beautiful both when it's sunny and stormy !
    Other than that the Outer Hebrides have a great collection of fantastic beaches, including Luskentyre.


    Macha, travel enthusiast and blogger at Feathers and Brushes

  • VisitScotlandLindsayVisitScotlandLindsay Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff

    My favourite so far is Tenstmuir Forest and Beach between Dundee and St Andrews. Lovely walks around the forest with history dating back to the time of the Picts and a lovely beach where you always catch a site of these guys.

    The sea used to reach a couple of miles in land, but as the Centuries have went on the coastline has moved further out and the forest has been created.

  • VisitScotlandAmandaVisitScotlandAmanda Member, Administrator, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    @VisitScotlandLindsay that's an amazing picture!!!!
    Kiwi gal, relocated to Scotland. 
  • StevanHoggStevanHogg Member
    St Andrews
  • GavinRGavinR Member

    balnakiel beach durness absolutely great
  • GavinRGavinR Member
    quite a drive but crackin place to stay regardless of the weather 
  • ThrossThross Member
    Sandwood Bay
  • ThrossThross Member
    Sandwood Bay - just west of Cape Wrath. 4 mile walk (easy) from small car park but well worth the effort. Amazing dunes, a sea stack and this gorgeous beech!
  • Lossit bay on Islay, but it's so secret some Ileach's are unable to find this lovely peaceful, unspoilt beach.
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