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Post Covid-19 Accommodation

fishyprofishypro Member ✭✭✭
Hi there,
I am very much interested in the opinion of tourists planning a trip to Scotland.

It looks as though B&Bs, Guest Houses & Hotels will be able to re-open from August.
They will need to operate on a very limited occupancy and with a ton of new rules & regulations regarding cleaning, social distancing etc.

Will you feel safe, after the lockdown is lifted, staying in a B&B, Guest House, Hotel?
Will you want to stay overnight?
That nice, cosy, home from home feel may no longer exist with the new regulations in place. Would that bother you?
A breakfast buffet may also no longer exist. Would you feel safe eating from a Buffet?

I am interested in your feedback.
Best regards


  • DamDam Member
    I'm very interested in your question.
    My girlfriend and I plan to visit Scotland in August if quarantine is lifted for french tourists.
    We essentially plan to book budget hotels, maybe 1 night or 2 in B&Bs.
    I think we'll be safe if we respect basic rules as washing hands, social distancing, wearing a mask inside public buildings. On the other hand, we wouldn't feel safe eating from a buffet: assemblies are dangerous in my opinion.
    I'd like to return you a question: beyond a (hypothetical) quarantine lift this summer, do you think communities will feel comfortable with welcoming tourists from abroad ?

  • fishyprofishypro Member ✭✭✭
    Hi @Dam,

    Thank you for your thoughts.
    That's a good question regarding the communities.

    There are a few communities, especially the islands, that don't want visitors, at the moment, during the Coronavirus pandemic.
    I think, if the airports and border control do proper checks & tests then most of Scotland would have no problems in inviting tourists & guests back to their communities.

    The tourism trade is huge in Scotland and the businesses need exactly that.

    One thing that you may find when accommodation providers re-open, is that many of them will no longer accept 1night stays due to the number of regulations that are involved. It may be, for some, no longer viable, financially.

    Hope you are able to visit in August. Good luck!

    Thanks again,
    Best regards
  • AleJAleJ Member
    Ciao @fishypro

    I'm also interested in your survey. My sister, me and a friend booked stays from 15 to 24 August in 3 different structures (3 nights in Balmaha, 2 in Kyle of Lochalsh and 3 in Edinburgh) and we would like to come if the quarantine is revoked for all Italian tourists. I think that I observe the established hygiene rules (washing hands, using disinfectant gels, masks indoors when social distancing is not possible) I would feel safe. For the breakfast buffet I would feel safe if everyone uses their own fork or spoon (clean of course) to pick up the food. I too like @Dam wonder if we will be welcome ....
    Do you think Phase 3 already incudes the possibility for foreign tourist to come to Scotrland?


  • fishyprofishypro Member ✭✭✭
    Hi @AleJ,

    Thank you for your reply.
    It is good to hear that you would feel safe coming back to Scotland.
    As of Tomorrow, Scotland moves into Phase 2.

    I hope that Phase 3 allows tourists back into the country and hopefully we will also have social distancing at 1m instead of 2m.

    We will have to see what the government decides.

    Best regards

    Best regards
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