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Best Beaches in Scotland

TheChaoticScotTheChaoticScot Member ✭✭✭
edited May 2016 in Scotland's countryside
The sun is finally gracing us with its presence, and all I can think about is running away to the west coast and finding the nearest beautiful beach to kick off my shoes, feel the white sand between my toes and the fresh sea breeze in my hair. I think a wee paddle would be in order too, dependant on the water temperature of course!  :)

It's so hard to choose, but the best beaches I've come across on my travels so far are on*:

(*if you can help me out with any of the below beach names, that would be fab!)

Isle of Vatersay 

Isle of Eigg



Isle of Lewis 

Where is your idea of Scottish paradise? 
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] ✭✭✭✭
    [Deleted Content]
  • VisitScotlandAlisonVisitScotlandAlison Member, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    Angus is a bit of a hidden gem with some stunning beaches too - here is my commute to work in Arbroath.
  • Those beaches on the west coast look amazing - that water is just so blue! 

    I like Gairloch on the west coast and on the east, St Cyrus is a beautiful Scottish beach with huge cliffs towering over the sand. 

    These photos are from Gairloch :smile:
  • VisitScotlandMiriamVisitScotlandMiriam Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    edited May 2016
    @TheChaoticScot I've moved this thread to the section about Scotland's countryside where hopefully more people will find it useful  :)
    I'm an Edinburgher who works in the VisitScotland Content Team - have you seen our blog?
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] ✭✭✭✭
    [Deleted Content]
  • KenMKenM Member ✭✭
    No photograph, but Sandend beach near Portsoy in Aberdeenshire is a perfect spot, especially for families - we've spend many idyllic days there with picnics, building sandcastles and boogie boarding.
  • FionaMatFionaMat Member
    We grew up spending sunny Summer days at North Berwick beach.  Lovely views out to Bass Rock, award winning loos, and a fab chippy.  What more could you want?!
  • ChanelbabeChanelbabe Member
    Balnakeil Beach in Durness, Sutherland is stunning, miles of beautiful while sands surrounded by mountains and has a car park and easy access.
  • ChanelbabeChanelbabe Member
    Big Sands beach in Gairloch, Wester Ross is also a beautiful beach surrounded by the Torridon mountains 
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] ✭✭✭✭
    [Deleted Content]
  • JessMacJessMac Member ✭✭
    If you are looking for a beach with a little extra, head to Newburgh beach in Aberdeenshire where you are sure to make some new friends!  <3  
  • shetlanddebbieshetlanddebbie Member ✭✭
    West Sandwick beach in Yell is beautiful.  There is mica in the sand which makes the sand sparkle when the sun shines. 
  • ShetlandRachelShetlandRachel Member ✭✭
    St Ninian's Isle on Shetland is an excellent tombolo beach and there was even treasure found there in 1958!
  • ejfraser94ejfraser94 Member ✭✭
    This is where I can really rave about my home town of 18 years! Dornoch may not have a large number of things to offer, it is a nice village mainly with a golf course but one thing it does have is a lovely beach, award winning too. Fond memories have been spent here since I was a bairn, when the weather is nice, it's absolutely gorgeous. The Loch Fleet National Nature Reserve isn't too far away from it either. So if anyone plans to go to the North East of Scotland, mainly Caithness & Sutherland area, do stop and explore Dornoch Beach! :smile:

    Stonehaven Beach of course is a completely different looking beach but I have always enjoyed my time there, it's always been a lovely place to escape too if I need to get away from the city life for a bit. Just looking out to the sea instantly makes you feel relaxed. Love Stonehaven, it's a town that will always have a special place in my heart. :heart: 
  • ElaineRElaineR VisitScotland Contributor ✭✭✭
    Coldingham Bay in the Scottish Borders is small but perfectly formed! I love the colourful beach huts and the beach cafe is a real bonus
  • Our favourite beach is Cul na Croise bay on The Ardnamurchan Peninsula.

  • bcedinburghbcedinburgh Member ✭✭
    Luskintyre on Harris - the most beautiful beach I have ever seen !
  • The Western Isles always have amazing beaches. Hoping the visit Tiree at some point. 

    Check out the tinberry travels - sharing stories, adventures and travel related nonsense as I explore the world bit by bit

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  • EileanDonanEileanDonan Member ✭✭
    edited July 2016
    Great call by @bcedinburgh as Luskentyre is truly incredible! But my all time favourite has to be Sanna Bay on the Ardnamurchan peninsula which I've been visiting for over 40 years!
  • gillcmccgillcmcc Member ✭✭
    Fife has some lovely beaches including the wonderful West Sands in St Andrews, home of that famous scene from Chariots of Fire! Burntisland is one of my favourites, my old home town! 
  • Don't forget Loch Morlich - our only inland beach!
  • I really liked Portobello Beach. It has such an air of old time sea side romance... :) It is easy to imagine what it would have looked like in its heyday.. I put some photos of it on my blog #scottishmoments @scottishmoments
  • johnmurrayjnrjohnmurrayjnr Member ✭✭✭
    Apart from all the Fife beaches....:smile: my favourite is Stoer Bay, Sutherland. 
  • johnmurrayjnrjohnmurrayjnr Member ✭✭✭
    VisitScotland kindly shared my Lower Largo beach pic earlier this year. <3 
  • willmackenziewillmackenzie Member ✭✭
    I love Luskentyre beach on the Isle of Harris, but sadly on the two occasions I've visited it hasn't been the nicest of days. Even although, the water is incredibly turquoise and the grey clouds were atmospheric and didn't at all detract from the beauty of the place.

    As they've not been mentioned so far, a few of my favourites are on the mainland's west coast.
    • Oldshoremore beach (near Kinlochbervie) is probably my favourite beach and so often deserted (and overlooked by the local Sandwood bay) but is a stunning beach with pure sands, tall cliffs, rocks to sit on and explore and a beautiful bench perched on the cliff before you walk down - somewhere to sit and take in all the beauty
    • Achmelvich beach (near Gairloch) is super and has beautiful white sand
    • Mellon Udrigle beach (near Achnasheen) is also a nice and largely hidden beach. There's a cliff nearby with a cairn upon it which provides a simple ten minute walking challenge from the beach, but rewarding you with a beautiful look back at the beach and the surrounding bay and waters
    • Sango Sands and Balnakeil Bay (both mentioned above) are also big favourites of mine if exploring the north west, so I'll pop them on this list too
    I'll add photos as soon as I'm allowed to by the site's permissions :smile:.
    Edinburgh | Highlands of Scotland | Part-time explorer
    > My Instagram
  • willmackenziewillmackenzie Member ✭✭
    Here we are :smile:

    Oldshoremore beach

    Achmelvich beach

    Durness / Sang Sands beach

    Edinburgh | Highlands of Scotland | Part-time explorer
    > My Instagram
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