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Staying Connected

So many choices. Do I use my home cell service (Verizon) and get an International plan? Do I get a SIM card (Vodaphone?) that I can use in all the countries we will be in? (Iceland, Scotland, S England, Italy, France, Switzerland?) one of the portable wifi boxes (Teppy) or another?  Trying to figure out a good way to have some internet and phone service. Check emails and make an occasional call. Have internet search options. Internet mostly for maps (though I am a serious paper map person..but like the added GPS on the phone to give you real time location.) It seems like the SIM cards are by far the best deal. Just wondering how dependable they are in the countries we'll be in? Any opinions on staying somewhat connected??  


  • powderglutpowderglut Member ✭✭
    We'll be in Scotland Aug 23-Sep 3 driving a campervan mostly north of Edinburgh. So I'm assuming service could be sketchy in some of the more remote mountainy areas.
  • MoFMoF Member ✭✭

    This may give you an idea for coverage, I went with getting a three sim card due to where I visit. you buy the prepaid version slip it in, put a add on on it and your good to go.  I put a 20 spot on mine for my trip, and it worked in Ireland.
  • powderglutpowderglut Member ✭✭
    So If I go with a SIM card it appears that Vodaphone has coverage in all the countries I will visit. Anyone used a portable wifi box and how good was it?
  • ScathachScathach Member ✭✭
    If you have a European SIM card you will be able to use everywhere you are visiting in the EU.
    The EU last year removed the roaming coasts so if you but a data plan with your SIM card here in the UK it will be possible to use it in the other European countries
  • powderglutpowderglut Member ✭✭
    Since I will be in Iceland first, the Sim options are Simmin, Vodaphone and Nova. Vodaphone has coverage in all the other countries we plan on visiting. Will likely use this company for duration of whole trip for simplicity sake.  We're not really super tech savvy.. so playing the connected game is a whole new ballgame. Need young kids to teach me the ropes!  
  • RossRoss Member
    As long as you get a Three card, does it matter which provider you use? Going to Edinburgh, Pitlochry,Dublin, and Sligo
  • powderglutpowderglut Member ✭✭
    Hi Ross ..I virtually had no idea what a Three card was, until I just googled it. So..... Another "player" that gives coverage all over Europe?? Has anyone used it in Iceland and other countries outside the UK? There are so many options these days it makes your head spin. I'm all about cheap service but I do want as good of connections as possible.  I have a Google Pixel XL phone with an easy to pop out SIM card. It is an Android system. So it appears I can use just about any company as long as I feel they are reliable.
    Not sure yet what to use.
  • VisitScotlandAmandaVisitScotlandAmanda Member, Administrator, Moderator, VisitScotland Staff
    Hi @powderglut I've used Three in Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal etc and had no problem. Hope this helps!
    Kiwi gal, relocated to Scotland. 
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